Steven Morse personal website and research notes


Instructor, Dept Mathematics, West Point
Infantry Officer, U.S. Army

Contact: steventmorse at gmail

I am an instructor in the Department of Mathematics at the U.S. Military Academy (West Point), where I currently teach multivariable calculus. I did my graduate (master's) program in the Operations Research Center at MIT, where I did research in complex networks with MIT's HuMNet Lab and the Draper Laboratory. You can read more about my ongoing research here.

I am also an active-duty military officer. I commissioned in 2008 from West Point, and have served in Afghanistan as a rifle platoon leader, and Kuwait as an infantry company commander. I've held various staff positions at the Company, Brigade, and Division level. After completing my tour as a West Point instructor, I plan to return to the operational Army and running around in the woods with guns.

I'm passionate about guitar, piano, hiking, traveling, languages, chess, hunting, reading, and good bourbon. My backup career plan is to professionally busk. I have co-authored two neural networks with my wife. The oldest loves blueberries, counting to ten, and playing at the park. The younger one is mainly interested in eating and sleeping.