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My current research interests are in complex systems, machine learning, and optimization. I collaborate with friends in the West Point Math Department, Draper Laboratory, HuMNet Lab, and the MIT Operations Research Center.

Hawkes processes


Modeling Human Dynamics and Lifestyle using Digital Traces. S. Xu, S. Morse, and M.C. Gonzalez.

Modeling the influence structure of a network with Hawkes processes. S. Morse, Phil Chodrow, M.C. Gonzalez, N. Markuzon. Joint Mathematics Meetings, Networks Session. (San Diego, CA), January 2018.
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Persistent information cascades

persistent cascades

The Role of Persistent Cascades in Diffusion. S. Morse, M.C. Gonzalez, N. Markuzon. Physical Review E 99, 012323, January 2019.

Persistent cascades: measuring fundamental communication structure in social networks. S. Morse, M.C. Gonzalez, N. Markuzon. Proc. of the IEEE Int'l Conference on Big Data (Washington, D.C.), December 2016.
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nn roc

Machine learning prediction of combat basic training injury discharge from 3D body shape images. S. Morse, K. Talty, P. Kuiper, M. Scioletti, S. Heymsfield, and D. Thomas. PLoS One, 2020 15(6)

A machine learning approach relating 3D body scans to body composition in humans. J. Pleuss, K. Talty, S. Morse, P. Kuiper, M. Scioletti, S. Heymsfield, D. Thomas. Journal of Clinical Nutrition (EJCN), 2018.

Trace diagrams

trace diagrams

Trace diagrams, signed graph colorings, and matrix minors. S. Morse, E. Peterson. Involve, vol 3. 2009.
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